Project Honduras consists of a group of people who have come together to participate in projects that help the people of Honduras. United by a sense of service to God, Project Honduras has been growing in size. Currently its participants consist primarily from the members of the Christian Church of Salt Lake, its sister church the International Church of Christ in Tegucigalpa, Honduras, and friends and family.


Project Honduras began in 2015 when David Medina invited some of his fellow church members, friends, and family to join him on a service trip to Honduras. During that initial trip, eleven participants visited a school for the blind, a maternity ward at a public hospital, and an orphanage for girls. Details and photos from that trip can be seen here.


In 2016, Project Honduras consisted of another service trip to Honduras but this time the group grew to 20 participants. The true spirit of service that the first group exhibited attracted more friends and family to participate. During that trip, a two-room elementary school, the public hospital, and a home for girls who had been removed from their homes due to sexual abuse were visited and served. Details and photos from that trip can be seen here.


Currently, Project Honduras is in the planning phase of another trip to happen in the Summer or Fall of 2017. The amount of preparation that goes into such a trip is huge, and all efforts are done by volunteers. Project Honduras has taken the first steps to incorporate as a charity 501 organization. In the near future. We will be able to provide receipts for tax deductions, but please don't wait for this to give if you can. The needs in Honduras are great and the needs are now. 



Please browse through our current projects to see how you would like to help (click here for current projects). You can also browse through our past projects to see what we have accomplished (click here for past projects). God Bless.