One of the primary challenges for helping the girls at Centro Las Flores, a home for girls who had been sexually abused (click here for more on Centro Las Flores), is that the location of the center is in a very dangerous, gang-populated place. For that reason, it is a challenge to get people and items to the center. For example, when Project Honduras makes its trip as a group, we travel with 8 or more fully-armed soldiers provided by the government. It's quite a spectacle, but it's necessary for our own protection.

However, we are fortunate to have a few Hondurans who are willing to travel to the center on a regular basis. One of these is an English teacher, a Honduran who had lived in the United States for a period of time. Falcon is his name, and he is a fantastic resource because he is an excellent English teacher to the girls. Depending on the funding we receive, the girls will receive English classes 1-2 times per week. And because Falcon travels to the center, he can transport any educational materials that we buy for the girls. He is an answer to our prayers because not only does he have a radiant smile and makes the classes super fun for the girls but without him, we would have very few options to get things to the center (no, we can not mail anything).

In addition, we could expand Falcon's teaching service to include basic literacy tutoring for the girls. Many of the girls did not attend school or did not attend school regularly when they lived in their homes. For example, a young girl named Maria just recently came to the center. She is ten years old, but she can not read. With a little extra funding, we could have Falcon provide an extra hour of literacy tutoring for girls like her.

At Centro Las Flores, education of the girls is a top priority but funds are needed for even the most basic things like writing materials. For this reason, the English classes and tutoring are one of our priorities, and we urgently need funding to keep the English classes going. For $250/month, we can provide 2 classes per week for that month. Please consider making a one time donation or a regular monthly donation for this important cause. You can also help in other ways by sharing this site and/or this page with friends and family, especially with educators in the United States who know that education can change a child's future.